2019 Photos

Pastor Ken looks on as Stephanie adjusts the angel with help from Debbie
Marrietta and Stephanie decorate the tree, with help from Julie and Cheryl
Preparing for Advent
The after baptism crowd
On Nov 17, 2019, we celebrated three baptisms! Baby Ann Michelle, five weeks, teenager, Rayna, and great-grandmother, Oma Lee. Congratulations, all!
Three baptisms in one Sunday
Miss Rayna is baptized
Miss Oma Lee is baptized by Pastor Ken
Baby Ann Michelle is baptized
Sandy, Mary, John, Bonnie, and Shirley sing, “Precious Lord, Take my Hand”
Josie is proudly carries the collection plate
Celebrating our May birthdays
Riley takes up collection, with a little help from Grandpa
Children’s Church and Pastor Ken wearing Josie’s hat

Shoes and Socks donated for Shoes 4 the Shoeless
Boots don’t belong in the Blessing Box!

Pastor Ken in the pulpit