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The crowd who came to Bryan’s and Jim’s baptisms at the Jacoby Road Canoe Launch. September 13, 2020.
Bryan’s baptism in the Little Miami River, September 13, 2020
Jim being baptized in the Little Miami River, September 13, 2020



Advent 2019


Marrietta, Julie, and Cheryl assist Stephanie in decorating the 2019 Christmas tree in the Sanctuary.
Pastor Ken contemplates the 2019 Christmas tree, while Stephanie adjusts the angel on top.











The congregation after the three baptisms. November 2019


On Nov 17, 2019, we celebrated three baptisms! Baby Ann Michelle, five weeks, teenager, Rayna, and great-grandmother, Omalee. Congratulations, all!
Sandy, Mary, Johnnie, Bonnie, and Shirley sing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” for Special Music, July 2019


Serving begins at Pork Chop 2019!


Many happy people chowed down at Pork Chop 2019


Karen, Debbie, and Edna served potatoes, green beans, and the famous chops, 2019


Jean & Edyth worked the sides counter at Pork Chop 2019


Omalee, Marrietta, and Tyler were ready to greet our diners at Pork Chop 2019


Rita prepares the cash box for Pork Chop 2019


Homemade Desserts!


Sandy & Tracy served the desserts!


Cooking the Chops for 2019 Pork Chop Dinner


Preparing the Chops for the 2019 Pork Chop Dinner


Little Josie was quite proud of carrying the Offering Plate!


Some of our May birthdays: Debbie, Archie, Edith, and Keith


Pastor Ken at the Pulpit


2018 Christmas Lunch





2nd Annual Ice Cream Social, August 4, 2018



2nd Annual Ice Cream Social, August 4, 2018



June 23, 2018: 2nd Annual Flea Market


The ladies sang for the men!


April 2, 2018, the day after Easter we had a little snow in Old Town.


Josie is fascinated by Erin’s quilt on the communion table.


In 10 Sundays Old Towners donated over 1400 food items for needy families!